Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inequalities of Change

OK, this is really interesting. Sunset is NOT going to get much earlier, praise the Lord. The earliest sunset here is December 7th at 4:20 PM (and the sunset time stays the same through the 15th). Today here sunset was 4:36 PM. So we're only going to lose 16 more minutes of daylight at the afternoon end.

But sunrise is going to be a lot later. 8:04 AM from December 27th through January 6th (today it was at 7:20 AM). We get to lose 44 more minutes of light in the mornings before it turns around.

These inequalities of change all have to do with the analemma (1)(2)(3), and there's an elegant explanation page. Elegant but not simple. Just look at the graphic which is about one screen up from the bottom of the page. Makes sense to me, especially as far north as we are. The analemma is lying down...

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