Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Straight Shot

Aha, the web cam on the Vancouver Island side of the Strait that looks most directly back to here is Environment Canada's air quality cam at Royal Roads, behind Esquimalt Lagoon (map). It appears to be a straight shot up the Elwha Valley into the heart of the Olympics. Here's a lightly annotated image caught by the cam at sunset Monday: (1) is 6995' Mount Carrie and the Carrie Glacier in the Bailey Range. Peeking up from behind the Bailey Range, (2) is 7965' Mount Olympus itself.

I think. Map and compass games are my passion, but that doesn't mean I'm right. Now to wait for a day when the air is crystal clear right down to the water, to puzzle out the water line and guess how far to the left (east) off the image is exactly here, the town of Port Angeles.

P.S. Yup. Mount Carrie is nearly exactly the elevation of the monument on the Plaza in Santa Fe, and Mount Olympus is at about the elevation of Black Forest Campground on the road to the Santa Fe Ski Basin. On the other hand, the Olympic Mountains jump directly from sea level. The vertical relief in the image is the entire 7965 feet.

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