Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reading News

Heading for Tucson this weekend, and starting to pile up the books to bring along. I had to return the Karen Armstrong, someone was waiting for it. But there's another copy, already overdue, and I am back in line for it. I hope it'll be returned in the next couple of days so I can resume reading it, and bring it with. Don't seem to be especially interested in anything else.

Much later: oh my. Starting reading Ivan Doig's Winter brothers : a season at the edge of America. It's absolutely wonderful: beautifully written and about the native peoples of this Peninsula. Well, one. The Makah.

It's basically a Really Good Thing that coming here and no longer being able to read exactly what I prefer all the time — as I was able to do at my former place of work — has forced me to widen what I'm willing to try to read. Reading is more like a radio station with occasionally eclectic programming, chance widening the pleasure zone; and less like a party tape of songs, even a really good one.

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