Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waving the Binoculars Around

According to the ship locator on sailwx, the only ship in port is the Overseas Long Beach. It's a tanker. But I went down to the harbor, and drove out onto Ediz Hook, and scribbled down all the ships whose prow or stern I could read. There was also the Lindsay Foss, possibly a tug. Prince William Sound, a tanker, whose reported position hasn't been updated since the 18th. The Kodiak, but there's a lot of Kodiaks in the database, most not reporting a position. It's anchored near the S/R Long Beach and they look the same, so maybe it's this one, also a SeaRiver ship. (But the Long Beach's position hasn't been updated since 2006.) Alaskan Navigator is also here. And the W. C. Park Responder, an oil spill cleanup vessel.

OK, it's settled that isn't going to be a very reliable window into what's going on down there in the port. But way better than no idea at all, especially as it links to other databases and gives other clues.

Time to go out and pick what may be the very last harvest of blackberries...

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