Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Running Around My New Town

The library does things differently. They don't separate out genres, nor their NW or Washintoniana collection. Gotta pick out what you want from the general collection. New books mostly don't have a special circulation period. There is a shelf for Speed Reads—7 days, no renewals, no holds—but there was not one single book on it when I was there.

I still get excited every time I hear a sea gull, which of course on the town streets down by the harbor happens all the time.

I have a view to the north from the kitchen window. Harbor, strait, Vancouver Island. Click for larger image. Imagine, another country no further away than Pojoaque from Santa Fe, however it may take a 90 minute ferry ride and international security to get there.


Ceeinbc said...

Welcome HOME, Mir! ;)

Anonymous said...

Finally, the ocean is indeed "in view" for you - every day