Thursday, August 02, 2007

Making Note of the Hours

Port Book and News is open 7 days a week, 8AM to 8PM except Sunday 9-5. Doesn't matter what day I arrive, or how run-dry I might be for reading matter, there will be books in reach... Phew. The Port Angeles Branch Library of the North Olympic Library System will also be there for me, T Th F S 10-5 and M W 12-8. And I should have received mail to my new PO box and be able to get a card right away. I think.

Waiting anxiously for M.P. to bring me my box number and key. Then I can send out email to everyone with new address and phone, begin putting in change of address cards, etc.


Ceeinbc said...

Hard to believe it's almost down to the wire now, n'est-ce pas? It seems only yesterday that you'd decided on a timeline & set the wheels in motion! Big, supportive hugs from up here.


mb, soon in Port Angeles said...

Thanks. I've dragged the (unsealed) bathroom and pantry boxes into the livingroom, and the kitchen counters are covered with kitchen stuff; need to pack some of that in self-defense, so that I can fix a lunch. Mostly still drifting and sitting down to the keyboard...

Mary said...

I'd write more but arm is in a cast (bike mishap) and soon am off to dinner and porgy & bess. do u have phone?