Saturday, August 18, 2007

30% Chance of Rain Here, 60% at La Push

This morning I trekked out to Sunset Berry Farm, they have a self-service shack with refrigerators full of fresh blueberries; you take what you want, write it down, and leave money in the can. Oh mercy me they are too delicious. I should have bought more than one pint after driving all that way. This weekend is the climax of local blueberry harvest.

It's raining. It must be REALLY raining out on the rainforest coast. It turns out that in PA we get only 25 inches of rain a year, and on the outside coast more like 115 or 120 inches. 150" in the Hoh rainforest. Looking for a table of rainfalls from an authoritative source, but so far have found only an image, which certainly makes it clear enough. A couple of sources say that for each mile you go west of PA you add an inch of annual rainfall.

Well, I believe we will now experiment and see just how much tourist traffic there is along 101 through the Park and on the way to the Outside in un-touristy weather... When I drove out earlier this week on a sunny day there were hordes of people on the Park beaches.

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