Thursday, July 26, 2007

Because I Can

Sitting in the Albuquerque airport, at one of the wonderful convenience counters they offer. Free wireless, powerstrips, wide tabletop, comfortable chairs. There's a little girl next to me watching a cartoon movie on a weentsie DVD player, only about 5.5" by 8". I rather covet it.

I do lo-o-o-ve wireless. One of the early wireless provider networks around town was called 'Working Wild'. That's how I think of it whenever I connect out in the world, and I try it whenever it might work. I'm down with the concept of working wild. :-) Won't it be wonderful when the City wires the Plaza, and MFPOW can join the rest of the planet in offering wireless connectivity. Which the tinfoil crowd continues to successfully prevent, 18 months and counting.

Anyway, en route to see Mom in Tucson. She turned 89 this month. I don't think the constraints I have assigned myself regarding personal information on this blog will allow me to offer pictures.


ceeinbc said...

Say "hi" to your Mum for me & please wish her a belated HBd :)

We've returned to warm, breezy, sunny days again after 7 chilly, RAINY days/nights. It's so nice to see the mountains once more not to mention the lush, green goodness in the garden.

Raccoons still visiting, though only after dark at the moment -- that may change with the warmer weather but who knows.

Expecting sil & family later today -- their eldest son & familly are moving their stuff to BC, though still haven't managed to sell their Calgary house.


PS -- I notice that I actually had two comments under an earlier post & now, having just clicked preview a couple or more times at the bottom of this page as I edited instead of at the bottom of the 'proof' I'm wondering if this'll appear as several comments, too. If so, please consider this the one & only. LOL Thks.

CF said...

hee, hee....
Hi Miriam,
I just checked to see what you are up to. Nice blog. Read your descriptions of time with old SFZC frinds and have to say I was envious.
NW weather is nice this time of year.....