Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Woman Behind The Curtain

As a writing librarian I will lose my voice on the Web a week from tomorrow. For 30 months now I have maintained the cheerful fiction that Icarus is the voice of the whole library, and that our library's patrons surely might be interested in whatever interests me at a given moment: new mapping sites, tag clouds, OCLC bloggers, search statistics, catalog changes, and all. I have poured all of my librarianly self into those 800 or so mini-compositions mostly with the subliminal theme 'Librarians love their work', and didn't partition anything off into another blog that would be mine to take with me when I leave.

Even now, any ideas I may have I need to save for my last seven or eight posts on the library's blog... Then what? I'm not sure I even know how to speak for myself. Or who might care to listen, if I no longer have a place of work.

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