Saturday, October 25, 2014

MB, November 6, 1944 - October 23, 2014

Miriam died at around 12:15 PM Thursday in her apartment at an assisted living facility in Santa Fe.  Although her condition had been worsening steadily, the timing of her death came as something of a surprise, even to the caretaker and hospice nurse who were with her.  She had had a rough day on Wednesday, but her afternoon caretaker wasn't particularly alarmed, so I didn't have my cellphone on when the Thursday mid-day caretaker tried to reach me shortly after 11 AM.  I found out the news at around 1:30 and tracked down my wife, MS, in the community college classroom where she was teaching, then we went over at 2:30 after her class was over.  Miriam was lying peacefully, looking very much like herself.

She did not want any memorial service, which is not to say that there won't end up being one (sometimes the survivors get the last word).  I know that she wanted at least part of her electronic legacy maintained, but don't remember her saying what she wanted done with this blog.  I'll have to reread her will and associated documents for guidance and ask her other Santa Fe friends if they remember her saying anything.  If I don't get clear guidance there, I'll ask if readers have a preference between keeping the blog online as an archive and having it go away.  I would like to figure out how to get as much as possible of the no longer accurate information taken off, but I'm fairly inexperienced with the Blogger software and quickly got intimidated the last time I started to deal with the process.

Thank you to any of her other friends and readers who see this.